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McKenna Subaru Huntington Beach CA

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McKenna Subaru Huntington Beach CA

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McKenna Subaru Huntington Beach CA

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Visit the McKenna Subaru Service Center in Huntington Beach for Maintenance and Repairs

If you're interested in extending the longevity of your Subaru vehicle and getting the optimal performance out of it as you're driving around Newport Beach, it's important to get timely maintenance. Routine service will address the most vital engine systems and ensure safe operation for components like brakes or tires.

McKenna Subaru Huntington Beach CA


Give your Subaru the TLC it deserves when you bring it to our Subaru service center in Huntington Beach, CA, for all its routine maintenance and repairs. At our Orange County Subaru service center, you'll find a team of Subaru-certified experts who can help you with all your different types of car care. Need an oil change and tire rotation? We'll take care of it quickly! Notice that your brakes are making a squealing sound? We'll conduct a brake check and efficient brake service if need be. We know Subaru vehicles like the backs of our hands, so you can trust that we'll treat them right.

Your Subaru was designed to last many years and miles on the road, so we'll help you keep it performing at its best. We can take a look at the engine, replace the battery in your Subaru and ensure the transmission in your vehicle is performing well. If you're involved in a collision, we can even take care of your collision repairs at our dealership. Schedule a Subaru service appointment today and treat your vehicle to the service it deserves.

Why Service with McKenna Subaru

Automotive Services

Oil changes: You can improve your gas mileage while driving around Santa Ana by keeping your oil and filter fresh and contaminant-free. Not only do environmental dust and microscopic debris make their way into delicate engine parts, but the parts themselves can produce fine metal shavings that act as an abrasive in your engine. Routine oil changes can keep your engine from aging prematurely. Your Subaru car most likely takes synthetic oil, meaning you can get an oil change every 5,000 miles. The improved lubrication of an oil change can also help lower the overall engine temperature.

Brake inspection and service: Your road safety is paramount, and staying vigilant to changes in brake performance and getting regular inspections will further that aim. Generally, your brake pads will need changing every 20,000 miles or so and your brake fluid every few years, but this timeline can vary according to each driver's unique circumstances. Your technician can advise you about brake care that makes sense for how you use your Subaru SUV or car.

Tire maintenance: Your tires are another area where service can have multiple and lasting benefits. As you drive around Anaheim, the position each tire has on your vehicle causes it to wear down in a very specific way. Rotating and aligning your tires, in addition to maintaining proper pressure levels, allows you to avoid uneven wear patches that lead to flats and blowouts. You'll also increase your gas mileage and improve handling as you're driving to Costa Mesa. You'll want to get a rotation every six months or so and an alignment if you notice performance issues indicating that it's necessary.

Engine inspections: There are a lot of mechanical systems in your engine, and each of them requires monitoring to ensure they're working as they should. Your technician will inspect things like hoses, gaskets, wires, and belts, check the quality and level of various liquids, replace filters, check your spark plugs and battery strength, and note any signs of impending trouble. The increased efficiency that comes from a well-maintained engine will give you lasting quality performance and help you avoid breaking down. It's good to get an inspection at least once a year, especially if you're planning on taking a big road trip or another event that will be demanding on your vehicle.

Our Trained Technicians Can Help

At McKenna Subaru, our technicians train extensively in every aspect of Subaru care. This aspect allows them to quickly isolate and diagnose any unexpected issues in addition to providing quality routine service for every aspect of Subaru maintenance. It's our goal to provide quick, accurate, and quality service for your vehicle, so you can get the optimal performance from it while driving in Huntington Beach.

We Specialize in Subaru Repair

Our specialty lies in Subaru repair, and we always utilize OEM, or original equipment manufacturer, parts when undertaking any work on your vehicle. Our team uses state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and understands the ins and outs of Subaru vehicles, so you can trust that your Subaru car or SUV is in good hands.

OEM Parts for Sale

The benefit of OEM parts is twofold; they come directly from Subaru in addition to using high-quality materials that match the original components your vehicle had when it left the factory. OEM parts ensure the correct fit and will go the distance with your vehicle. Using authentic Subaru parts also helps you maintain your warranty.

Schedule a Service Appointment

You can easily schedule your next service or repair visit by using our handy online form or by giving us a call. We look forward to earning your business at McKenna Subaru.

McKenna Subaru Huntington Beach CA
McKenna Subaru Huntington Beach CA
McKenna Subaru Huntington Beach CA
McKenna Subaru

Oil & Filter Change

Oil & Filter Change and Multi-Point Inspection
$10 Off

Extend your engine's life with regular oil and filter changes. Service includes: • Change engine oil (up to 5 quarts) • Replace oil filter with a Genuine Subaru oil filter Keep your Subaru in top condition. Let our Subaru trained Service Technicians perform a thorough multi-point inspection.

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McKenna Subaru

Wild Card

$5 Off
$10 Off
$15 Off
$20 Off
McKenna Subaru

Four Wheel Alignment


Alignments are crucial to ensuring that you get the longest life out of your tires.

McKenna Subaru

Battery Test


Plus Save $20 on purchase of battery with installation

McKenna Subaru

All Accessories

20% Off
McKenna Subaru

Front or Rear Brake Pads

10% Off

Replace front or rear pads,Inspect discs, calipers, lines, hoses, cylinders, and master cylinder

McKenna Subaru special

Subaru Service Discount

$10 Off

We know you have many choices when it comes to servicing your Subaru, but why trust anyone other than your Subaru Dealer? Our Subaru-trained Technicians know your Subaru better than anyone and you can be confident the job will be done right. Enjoy great savings on your next Subaru service visit.

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McKenna Subaru special

$89.95 Oil & Filter Change and Multi-Point Inspect


Extend your engine's life with regular oil and filter changes. Service includes:
• Change engine oil (up to 5 quarts)
• Replace oil filter with a Genuine Subaru oil filter

Keep your Subaru in top condition. Let our Subaru trained Service Technicians perform a thorough multi-point inspection.

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McKenna Subaru special

Accessories Discount

20% Off

Personalize your Subaru and save on all Genuine Subaru Accessories. This discount includes Accessories & installation!

McKenna Subaru special

Wild Card Special Parts and Service

Save up to $20.00 off your parts and/or service!

$5.00 off purchase of $35.00-$49.99
$10.00 off purchase of $50.00-$99.99
$15.00 off purchase of $100.00-$199.99
$20.00 off purchase of $200.00-up

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